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Shared Audiences and Interest cookies

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The cookies used to categorize users into shared audiences (similar as the ones on your remarketing list) and different interest-categories - do they only come from the AdSense network or are Analytics also used for that?

I mean, can only websites with AdWords/Adsense ads put cookies into my computer which is than used to create shared audiences and intererst-categories? Or can also the Analytics cookie (doubleclick, or whatever) be used by Google for this?


This technology just blows my mind!

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Re: Shared Audiences and Interest cookies

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Very interesting question;

I think all traffic sources; But I will ask Calin to answer. He is the guy.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Shared Audiences and Interest cookies

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Hi guys.


Moshe indeed pinged me, but I was on the road until late yesterday so I cound not answer. The idea is that it is not clearly specified. For websites using the doubleclick version of the script it is entirely possible, technically. That is because Google does associate websites with certain categories, so for instance when visiting a website a fashion website, even one out of the Google Display Network and the doubleclick cookies you, it could associate you with a certain interest category.


But the page in the documentation dealing with this does not mention it explicitly


The document is full of conditional statements such as:


  • Google may use information that people provide to websites on the Display Network
  • We may also use the websites people visit and third-party data to infer this information
  • When someone visits an AdSense partner website, we analyze the content of the page and site to show contextually relevant ads. We also use these page topics as well as data from third-party companies to associate interests with a visitor’s ...

Whether they do it or not, it is not clear to me either.


But last year, during the summit at Mountain View, I raised a question related to data sharing between Google AdWords and Google Analytics, and how AdWords could use some Analytics signals, and from what I could tell there were plans of making this connection even tighter.


To be honest, I'd assume that AdWords & AdSense do use this data, anonymously. And that if you're running website B, geared towards a certain audience, and remarket to them via website A, you should be able to target them via the interest category associated with website B Smiley Happy.


Another rather old example is the famous bounce rate, and whether or not it is used in ranking websites, both organic and sponsored. There are advertisers who, based on their research, could swear that if you have people clicking on one result, only visiting the landing page and then quickly hitting the back button and performing another search, it'll hurt either your QS or your organic ranking. But it is not mentioned anywhere on the documentation that bounce rate is included in the landing page QS. And as for the organic ranking algorithm, that's even more opaque Smiley Happy.

Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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