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Setup email rules for multiple addresses

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I've setup an email alert that'll fire off an email when a campaign is slow to spend during the day. 


I want this alert to also go to other users who are not users in the account. 


So the expected outcome is: 


- Account spends < $200 prior to 11am.

- Alert is triggered that matches these variables

- Adwords fires off an email to a list of email addresses that I can define. 


Is this possible?

Re: Setup email rules for multiple addresses

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Hey Adam, how are things?

If I'm not mistaken, e-mail from rules are only specific for the owner of the rule, and not a group of e-mails as you can do when scheduling reports.

If you wish for a group of people to receive the alert, you could create one group e-mail like "" as redirect e-mail, and give access to adwords to that e-mail. From there, you would create the rule, and every time the e-mail is fired, everyone receives it.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click