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Setting up dynamic product remarking; out of date docs, glitches

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I'm trying to set-up a dynamic re-targeting campaign. We have an adwords account, a linked Analytics account and a linked shopping feed.


The first result on google for "how to setup retargeting in adwords" is:


Which is obviously out of date when you try to follow the instructions, because it uses a new check box system, and the controls are all in different places with different names. So I sort of muddled through it, checking the re-targeting check-box, and then trying to find the "set-up re-targeting" button, which I eventually found.

So the wizard popped up, the one for setting up the tracking code. It had an option to use anylytics instead, so I check that, and didn't install any code, because it was unclear if that's what "use Analytics" meant and the documentation doesn't explain.

Then I clicked "back to whatever", and it went back, and the instructions said click "save and continue", and when I clicked "save and continue", it did nothing, all the options from before had collapsed. I had to recheck "retargeting", which I did, and then all the options were reset, but this time there wasn't a retargeting option at all.

So if somone could provide step by step instructions that work for the current version, that would be very helpful. We would like to set it up so that people who view product pages get re-shown the product, and people who just visit the home page, etc, get a generic banner ad, or text, ad etc.

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Re: Setting up dynamic product remarking; out of date docs, glitches

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Brief update: I tried deleting the botched campaign and starting from the beginning , but the option to set-up re-targeting is nowhere to be found on the campaign set-up screen any more.

Re: Setting up dynamic product remarking; out of date docs, glitches

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Hi Nick,

Please check this link which has detailed information about Dynamic Remarketing:

Check this as well:

Does it help?


Re: Setting up dynamic product remarking; out of date docs, glitches

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Hey Nick,
You should check out the guide Ashish links to. Also there is a detailed breakdown found here:
Joshua, Top Contributor
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Re: Setting up dynamic product remarking; out of date docs, glitches

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This second guide also has the same out of date instructions. Here's the instruction followed by the issues I'm having.

1. Login to AdWords
2. Click Campaigns at the top of your screen.
3. Click the +Campaign drop-down menu and select "Display Network only."


4. Select the "Remarketing" radio option.

- The only radio options are "Marketing objectives" and "No marketing objective". When "Marketing objectives" is selected, there is a grid of checkboxes, one of which reads, "Buy on your website (includes remarketing) ". So I checked that one.

5. Enter a campaign name, bid strategy, and budget.
- OK

6. Select the "Use dynamic ads" checkbox.
7. Click the "Business type" drop-down menu and choose your business type. If your business type is retail, select "retail" and link your Google Merchant Center account. If your business type isn’t listed, select "Other - custom option."

- OK

8. Click the Set up remarketing button. You'll go through a guided three-step process to create your feed, set up your remarketing tag, and create your lists.

- PROBLEM - this button does not appear. It appeared the first time around, but is no longer there.

9. Click the "Feed" drop-down menu and select your new feed.
10. Click Save and continue.

- PROBLEM, on the first time, when the "Set up remarketing" appeared, after doing the steps and choosing "Save and continue", the "Save and continue" button did nothing. No errors, just nothing. I cancelled the set-up, and when I tried again the "Set up remarketing" button no longer appears, per step 8 above.

11. Enter an ad group name and bid.

OK - but at this point, I've ignored the missing "Set up remarketing" button.

12. On the Remarketing lists tab, you'll find your default remarketing lists added to your ad group.

- PROBLEM - There are no tabs, I'm still stuck in a create ad group wizard. It wants me to choose targeting but non of the options are for retargeting customers. I did manage to find remarketing eventually but it's buried under the "interests" radio. Still not sure how to verify that the tracking is working.

13. Click Save and continue if you want to create your dynamic display ads, or Skip ad creation if you want to do this later.

- The preview functionality seems to be broken. It looks like there a big open area where an ad design preview should go, but it is empty. Also, I'm not sure that the dynamic ads are dynamic. You can go to New Ad -> Ad Gallery -> Dynamic ads -> Dynamic product ads, but it still has options for things like "landing page" which should be the URL of the product in the ad they clicked on, not a fixed value. Update: it looks like it does show a preview, but only after clicking the save button.

Also, these dynamic ads are pretty hideous looking. I think we need more options like product picture border color, product picture padding, font-face, font-weight, etc.