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Serving Under Review

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Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭

hello everyone 


can any one help me for better understand about the google adwords campaign past data. i want read & review of your running campaign,that will be very helpful for me facing interview of ppc.please can anyone help me am so hungry for review the data of campaign because i am studies from last 2 months. now i am getting confused so for we want to some real review. plz add me for only some time after unlink me 




Thanks & regards 



Re: Serving Under Review

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# 2
Collaborator ✭ ☆ ☆
Hi owaish,

I'm not sure if i've read that right, but are you asking for access to someone else's account or do you want someone to have a look at yours to help advice you on what to do?

If you need a hand with your account, let us know what you are having trouble with and we can try and give you a hand. We're here to help mate, just ask and you'll probably get the answers you need.

If you are asking for access to another account, I'd kindly ask you to stop requesting this here. This is a publicly accessible site, nobody knows who you are, we don't know the intentions etc. It's like asking me to give you my credit card details. It's not going to happen.