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Are customers required to log-in to their Google email account in order to post a Seller Review from Google Trusted Stores or Google Customer Reviews?

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Seller Ratings

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for google-customer-reviews, the customer is required to login to their
email (client) to read and post the seller-review; gmail is not required --

but is, of course, allowed.


the actual posting of a seller-review (survey) is not part of the checkout-flow.

for google-customer-reviews, there is:
(a) the opt-in feature -- users may agree to receive a survey;

(b) the survey-feature -- google may send/email surveys and users may respond;

for the opt-in (a) an opt-in-offer must be allowed to appear, to all customers,
during the normal order/checkout-flow, on the merchant's website, usually
on the order-confirmation-page -- there is no login required for the opt-in

to simply appear on the page.

https/ssl is required on the confirmation/opt-in page, on the merchant's website.

if a customer opts-in, the customer must share their email-address --
google may then send the survey-invitation-email, to the customer.

for the actual survey (b) a valid email-address is required --
gmail is not specifically required, but is certainly allowed.

of course, the customer must access/login-to their email (client), to read
the email-invitation from google and complete the rating/review survey.

the google-trusted-stores-program is being retired --
replaced by the google-customer-reviews-program.

for more details or issues related to the google-customer-reviews-program,
google may be contacted directly --

as an aside, for merchants with a walk-in, face-to-face, brick-and-mortar-store,
there is an entirely separate reviews-on-google-program that is integrated with
google-my-business-accounts/google-maps, has an entirely separate set of rules,
policies, and requirements, where a user must be logged-in to a google-account

in order to post a review.