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Seller Ratings Extensions - New Countries

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Are there any plans to increase the Google countries covered by the seller ratings in AdWords?


I'm really interested in using these in Singapore (, Thailand ( and Hong Kong (  

Re: Seller Ratings Extensions - New Countries

Community Manager
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Community Manager

Hi Ronnie, 


Welcome to the AdWords Community and thanks for posting your first question here.


We do not currently have seller ratings in the countries you mentioned. But, you could be instrumental in driving this by providing the following information:


1. Do you work with any of our existing review partners in these countries? If yes, how many and who are those review partners?


2. Do you work with a review provider that we do not partner with today?


3. If yes to 2 above, can you check with this provider and get an estimate of the number of advertisers working with them?


Once we have this information, the product teams can look into having seller ratings in these countries. 



Re: Seller Ratings Extensions - New Countries

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Hi Mini,

Thanks for the reply.

We currently work with Feefo as a review partner across most of the countries we operate in and would look to use them in Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong if possible.

Thanks, rb