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Script for keyword research

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Hello everyone! 


I'm sorry for my english isn't my native language. I've two question which I'm sure that you can help me, please Smiley Happy 


1) Once time I read that existing a Script which give you a list with a all keyword research about a keyword. I don't know but i can't found now. For example: 


My keyword is "Brand" (I understand brand as any name for a company) and the list give me: 


Brand Cheap

Brand product Cheap

buy brand product

buy brand product cheap




2) In other hand, How can I put some color in my column where I management the campaign? I see that in my mate, but i can't found how can i do. For example, the back color about the column cost is red, CPC is yellow and etc. It's imposible for me found can i do. 


I hope that you can understand, Thanks so much in advance and I'm so sorry for my english. =)


José Antonio 

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Script for keyword research

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Hello José Antonio,


I don't know exactly which script you are trying to find but it might be one of these two: 

AdWords Script That Leverages Google Autocomplete

Leverage Amazon To Find High Commercial Intent Keywords

You can find them here:


For the second question the answer is Adwords Usability Booster. It is an extension for Chrome and Firefox:


Best regards,



Script for keyword research

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Thanks very much Hana, That is which i looking for Smiley Happy