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Scam Clicks of my ads

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I am paying 300-500 per month for ads and I cannot beleive I am charged for 0:00 seconds visits....

I am looking for a solution, there are scams out there taking my money....

please fix that, find a solution how hard can it be?

Just charge me if the visitor stays more than 3-5 seconds, at least I can trace the IP of the scams that click my ads.

please find me a solution.

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September 2015

Re: Scam Clicks of my ads

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Hello ihomeservice,


Welcome to the forum Smiley Happy


In most of the cases when Google finds out repeated invalid clicks happening inside the account, your are credited with that money automatically. You can check the Billing Tab and see the column written as Invalid activity where Adwords credit back the amount.


Google has some of the sophisticated tools and techniques to take care of the advertisers' money so that high quality is maintained. Read this reference for details.


However, if you still feel repeated number of invalid clicks are not stopping, you can use this invalid click troubleshooter to report it to Google.


There are chances that not every single click you receive will land up to your website and spend quality time. Sometimes, you get clicks, but the user doesn't turn up to the website. Sometimes, user sees your ad, clicks on it and lands on the page, but do not wish to stay there and just went off. Hence you see bounce rate of 100% and time spent 00:00.

Nobody can force every user to stay back on the website for long Smiley Happy


I would suggest you to look at the traffic from all sources and if bounce rate is high from every source, then chances are that you need to work on the design, structure, content of your website, which can assist in improving quality traffic to your website.


Hope this helps!


Re: Scam Clicks of my ads

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I agree.. You are paying to drive the traffic you are not paying for what the user does once they get to your site. Now I have no idea what your campaign or landing pages look like but there are a few things you could try.  Try altering the keywords and ads to be more specific or you can try altering the landing page. Make sure your call to action is clear and make it clear in your ad what you want the user to do once the land on your site. 


Landing Page tips...

Tips on ad text


Good luck! :smileyhappy Smiley Happy


Re: Scam Clicks of my ads

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One of the reason can be that Visitors click on your ads & expecting a relevant information. If they do not find it then they will exit the site. You need to work on your site, Keywords and Ads
1- Make more relevant & accurate ads.
2- Use call to action so that user can know what they need to do after clicking you ads like use- sign up, buy now, call us etc.
3- Remove irrilevant terms from your keyword list.

4- If using broad match, then use all possible negative keywords. If you are new,then try to use exact match or phrase match keywords.

You can enable the invalid column in your report and if they are listed there, it means Google has already tracked those clicks as invalid and you will be credited for that.

Re: Scam Clicks of my ads

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Hi iHomeService,


When you see 0.00 second visits, that doesn't really mean the user was on your page for no time. It does mean the user did not find anything of interest on your page or clicked on no internal links on your page. This is a bounce. Google has no way to measure the amount of time spent on a page with the visit is a bounce. Because of this, all bounces will report 0.00 seconds on your page.


If your desired action takes place on a 3rd party site, that is if all links point to a different web site, all your visits and page views will show no time spent on the page. There is a work-around on this by placing tracking code in the onexit event for the page. But that could give you misleading information as well since your site will then report 0 bounces. If you are aware of that, it could be useful information for you


Best of Luck!



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