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Same Keywords, Multiple Ads?

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What is the best practice on having multiple ads in the same campaign? Should I use the same keywords for them, or use different ones? 


My thought was to see which display text worked best once the ad was shown. How do I test which copy gets the most clicks and how do I improve on them?


Sorry for the rookie question.





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Re: Same Keywords, Multiple Ads?

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Learning the structure of an adwords account can be confusing, the lexicon takes a while to learn. Smiley Happy








The "best practices" would be to create several adgroups with "tightly themed" keywords in each adgroup, and "highly relevant" ads for each adgroup - Which reflect the "theme" of the adgroup.


Ex. Tom's campaign


Widgets adgroup

widgets keywords

widgets ads


cogs adgroup

cogs KW's

cogs ads


gears adgroup

gears KW's

gears ads


There's no right or wrong way to structure the account - Find a structure and themes that seem to make sense to you, you're the one who will have to manage the account. Your initial structure will change over time as you gain knowlege and expand your account. Don't worry about building out a huge structure at first, it's a lot easier to learn with a simpler account.


Once your account is up and running, and accruing impressions, you will be able to view the perfromance data of your ads in the ads tab. There's any number of ways to test ad copy, but try to start by identifying a general theme that engages users. Price, service, quality, quantity, etc. Try one theme per ad, and run each ad long enough to get a comparable data set. Find the ads with the best KPI's (clicks, conversions, CPC, CTR, etc.), and you will know what message(s) resonates with your audience. You may find that a combination of price and availability for example produces the best results.


It all takes time, but continued testing, analysis, and optimization will improve results.




Re: Same Keywords, Multiple Ads?

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Thanks for the great overview! This strategy makes sense. 


So is it fair to say that in the Widgets AdGroup, I would have the following keywords: 

Big Widgets

Small Widgets

Blue Widgets


...and share them across all of the ads in that group, allowing the ad copy to resonate with the audience?


Again, thank you for your time and help!

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Re: Same Keywords, Multiple Ads?

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Hey billy_s,


In addition to Thomas Hale, Jr.'s great advice above, you have the right idea in suggesting you let the ad copy resonate with the audience or user. If you use the default ad rotation setting - "Optimize for clicks" - AdWords will show all of your ads evenly until a strong performer (or performers) emerge based on the number of clicks they receive from users. Going forward it then shows the ad most likely to receive a click.


More details on ad rotation settings can be found here:


I hope this is helpful!