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SEM&GDN running at the same time. Best ratio between them?

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Hi all,

Hope everything is well with you guys.


My client wants to run SEM and GDN at the same time for their brand new product. (Electronic)

The Ad campaign will last 5 months with reasonable budget.


My questions like below;


1) What would be the best ratio of budget between SEM and GDN campaign in general and why?

(e.g. GDN 60%, SEM 40%)


2) For shopping season - Black Friday, Boxing day, Christmas season - , which one would be more effective and why? GDN or SEM?


3) When our new product launches, is GDN better or SEM?


Is there any best practice for this case? I'm pretty sure there're many Ad campaigns running SEM and GDN at the same time and got synergy effect.


Hope you guys could help me.


Thank you!


Re: SEM&GDN running at the same time. Best ratio between them?

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Hi hsad h and welcome,


For all 3 of your questions I'd answer, it depends......


Both networks have their advantages and disadvantages but you won't get an answer saying this one deserves x% of the budget as every campaigns and advertiser is different.


I have some accounts where there are so few available on target placements on the GDN that even if I wanted to I couldn't allocate 15% of the available budget to it. Even though it may outperform the search campaign there just isn't enough related publisher content and traffic to those sites to support more.


When I create a new account from scratch I'd normally allocate more to the search budget than GDN but if I know the industry and past performance on the GDN I might do the opposite.


But, I'll always decide on where to re/allocate budgets after running the campaigns for a while and analyzing the results. It always comes back to testing and measuring and seeing what's best for you.


I hope this can help a bit.