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Renamed Product Names on Website twice in one Year

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Im asking in the advanced features location, even though this is a question on deciding optimal time for a company to use adwords for the first time under distinct circumstances because I feel it is more of an advanced question. 


A company manufactures air purification machines. A year ago the website was moved over to an ecommerce CMS. The redirects were done properly and at the same time the model names were changed.


For Example:

(these are fictitious names used as examples) :

original name-- Airmachine 2000 G (BECAME)= 1st name change-- AirM 2G



Of course, it took several months until the AirMachine2000 G pages were omitted from the serps.

At first, for example, a search for AirMachine 2000 G brought back both Airmachine 2000 G the old pages and the new AirM 2G and with time the new pages overtook the results and even typing the old brand name brought only the newly updated pages.


Just about three weeks ago, the model names were changed yet again.

So, taking the previous example

(original)AirMachine 2000 G=(1st name change)= AirM 2G=(2nd name change)=AirMach2GeeM


This name changing causes obvious dilemmas with the company's suppliers who need to change their website to adapt to the name changes. All redirects again were done properly. Right now, the website as far as the serps are concerned are at the stage where when you search for the original name AirMachine 2000 G...then the 1st and 2nd names both show up in serps.... AirM2G and AirMAch2GeeM show up.


A ( search brings up a mix of both the 1st and second name change as well..AirM 2G and AirMach2GeeM


The Question is : is this a bad time to begin adwords campaigns for this company and should it wait and if so then until when?


Thanks so much in advance for anyone who takes the time to answer this


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Renamed Product Names on Website twice in one Year

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Hi Avy G,


AdWords and organic search are completely unrelated. For your model name keywords, I would suggest you use all forms of the model name. You may want to put them in separate ad groups so you can show the same model name in your ad as the search query. Say I look for "AirMachine 2000 G" and you show me an ad for "AirMach2GeeM". I may not recognize that as the same model. If you have a single landing page for all forms of the model name, you may want to include something about the naming history of the model product so folks know they are at the right place.


Best of Luck!





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