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Remove dynamic remarketing 'parameter type' (business type)

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When setting up my campaign, I have accidentally selected the wrong 'business type'. I picked the 'other (custom)' option when in fact I should have selected 'retail' option.

I have now removed the dynx_itemid etc from the remarketing tag on my site but when I log into my adwords account and navigate to Shared Library > Audience, the box in the top right says "We haven't detected custom parameters for custom business types (Google Analytics)"


In analytics. I navigate to property > remarketing > dynamic attributes and it says:

"It looks like you have set up attributes for multiple Dynamic Verticals. Currently Dynamic Remarketing in Google Analytics supports single vertical configurations. If you wish to use Dynamic Remarketing with multiple verticals please configure your set up through AdWords instead."


I would ideally like to remove all the remarketing 'vertical parameter types' and start again using all the remarketing features of Universal analytics. So is there any way I can edit/remove these parameters in AdWords?


Thanks in advance.

Re: Remove dynamic remarketing 'parameter type' (business type)

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Hi Nick,

You should be able to edit your dynamic attributes configuration within Google Analytics. Navigate to the property in which you had set up the dynamic attributes for the "Custom" vertical, and click the edit link next to Configuration and change the business type to retail. This should let you re-map your GA custom dimensions to Adwords for a different vertical.