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Remarketing's creative based on frequency

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i have a client who like to do remarketing but using different creative/images based on frequency. For example:

First Time View: a.jpg
Second Time View: b.jpg
Third Time View: c.jpg


Is it such feature exist ? if not any idea to accomplish similiar feature like this ?



Remarketing's creative based on frequency

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Hi @Viktor


There is not a built-in feature in Adwords. What I believe you would have to do is create different remarketing lists in Google Analytics for people who have visited, 1, 2, and 3 times.


So the remarketing list would look like all visitors who have visited one time, but exclude people who have visited 2+ times. Then, a different list for people who have visited 2 times, but not 3+ times.


Then, another list for those that have visited 3+ times (or 3, but not 4+ if you only want 3).


Now you would create a different ad group or campaign for each remarketing list. Layer on the remarketing list and place the respective ad in the groups.


Here is a link for creating remarketing lists in Google Analytics.


Hope that helps.