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Remarketing newbie - why is list empty?

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Hi there


I have added my remarteting tag to several of my websites (the same tag on different sites). The tag seems to be working. The Chrome Tag Assistant is not seeing any problems and I can see the list size growing. I can even see a report that shows the most-tagged URLs and my different domains are showing there.


It's all very small at the moment, not many visitors and certainly not enough to begin advertising. 


But... when I try to make a list of just the visitors to a single site it returns an empty list. 



clicking on the big red +REMARKETING LIST button
choosing "Visitors of a page"
entering "URL contains"
pressing "Estimate List Size"
and I get "List is Empty"

So one part of the tool is showing people have been tagged, but another part says the list is empty. 

I don't get it. 

Can someone please enlighten me.


Thank you so much



[EDIT.. On looking at this all again - I think I may have completely misunderstood what the +REMARKETING LIST button is for.  What I want to do is make sure that when I actually start advertising I can advertise only to the visitors to the relevant site - where on earth do I do that?]

Re: Remarketing newbie - why is list empty?

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You have proceeded corectly. Even if it shows "The list is empty" , after you create the list in around 24-48 hours it will start populating with visitors. Make sure you have left active the default option to include visitors from the past 30 days. 





Almost every reporting in AdWords has a delay , you can read from here about Data Freshness.

Re: Remarketing newbie - why is list empty?

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Thank you so much for that. That's a big help. I thought that creating this new list based on a rule like that was just going to be filtering the existing audience. But this seems to indicate that you have to set up the lists in advance.

Thanks for the clarification