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Remarketing lists audience overlap

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I have a bit of a complicated question(s) regarding remarketing lists, remarketing campaigns, audience overlap (visitors who get registered in multiple remarketing lists) so bear with me please. 


Our website contains 2 versions of each page which differ in the language of the content ( URLs for the English pages for e.g. contain /en ) 

we've created remarketing lists for both versions of a page:

 i.e one list for page x, and another list for En.-page x  , and according to this each list is added to a language-specific adgroup, and should receive ads in the corresponding language. 


my questions are as follows: 

1- should a visitor be eligible and be registered in both lists, would one list be given preference over the other (as in which ad would be displayed for this visitor and how would we be able to distinguish)?


2- technically same as the above question but for clarification purposes: a visitor landed first on one language-version of the website/ certain page, then switched to the other language of the same page..which list would they be put in? 


is it dependant at all on the frequency or duration of use of each language-version?  


Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated! 


Many thanks,



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Re: Remarketing lists audience overlap

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Google Employee

Hi Pilar



What you want to do to solve this problem is create distinct remarketing lists with a rules. 


  1. Click the + Audience drop-down menu and select Remarketing list.
  2. Enter a descriptive remarketing list name.
  3. In the "Who to add to your list" section, select a template from the drop-down menu and fill out the information.
  4. Click + Rule in the right hand side of the text area below the template drop-down menu. A dialog appears where you can add all the conditions that a single page needs to match.

For your English pages you want to set your rule to say "url contains /en" 

For the other list you want to to set it to say "does not contain /en"


This way you will have 2 different lists and a visitor will only be tracked if the vistior falls into both rules.


Let us know if this helps. 

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Re: Remarketing lists audience overlap

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This is a complex one....

Shanea's suggestion is a start - but the problem is that if a person lands on the english page and then switches languages, then they get on both lists. However, you then combine the lists to exclude one list then you lose that visitor.

but, there is another option. If you keep all languages in their own lists - so a list for people who looked at pages in english and another for people that looked at pages in spanish, for example (con un nombre como Pilar sera asi, supongo!)

There will be some people who appear on both lists - that's inevitable. but if you run your remarketing campaigns and set the language options you will exclude most of these people from the language they use.

so - I land on your english page, but I am spanish - I switch the language and continue my visit in spanish - I'm now on both lists.

you run an new remarketing campaign and target the english list. you set the language to english and since my language preferences are set to spanish I do not trigger any ads.

for a number of reasons there will still be some leakage - depending upon the google domain being used, the physical location of the target, etc. but this approach should minimize the issue.

Re: Remarketing lists audience overlap

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Thank you Shanea, sorry for the super late response. I have specified the type of visitors in each remarketing list, but my issue is with visitors who've been cookied in both versions of the page (i.e they qualify to be in 2 remarketing lists while each list is displayed a different ad), which list or which ad would they see?

Re: Remarketing lists audience overlap

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My apologies Steve for the super late response, your answer is really helpful thank you so much. My name is of Spanish origin, but unfortunately I do not speak Spanish, will definitely learn the language one day though Smiley Happy