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Remarketing list + campaign performance data

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I've recently created a remarketing audience via Google Analytics, which is linked to my Adwords account. The audience appeared successfully inside my campaigns's shared library section.


Unfortunately, I removed it accidentally from the shared library interface. Therefore, is there a way I can bring the audience back to Adwords? When I check my Analytics account, the audience is still there. It just doesn't appear inside my Adwords campaign. 


The other problem that I have is that my Adwords campaign performance data is being updated once every 24 hours. I know that Adwords says:


“Reporting is not real-time. Clicks and impressions received in the last three hours may not be included here.”


However, my clicks and impressions are not updating every three hours, not even every 10 or 12 hours. It is every 24 hours. Is there somewhere within AdWords that I can change frequency of performance reporting so that I can see updates every three hours? If not, what else can I do?

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Re: Remarketing list + campaign performance data

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Hi Mustafa,

GA Remarketing list: If you aren't importing GA conversions into AdWords and have AdWords conversion tracking in place, you can unlink and link the GA account again. In most cases this should push the remarketing list to AdWords again. A word of caution - please double check if you're using AdWords conversion tracking and not importing from GA, because the unlinking would remove that as well.

Reporting Delay: Are you saying you aren't able to see clicks and impressions at least until 10 hours? Is your account set up for the same time zone as your location?

Sumanth Sridhar