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Remarketing list - Disabled due to policy violation

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I recently started setting up a remarketing campaign to remarket to particular users who view "triwalkers" on our website. Triwalkers are just an aid to help persons with limited mobility get around easier. They're not targeting a specific health condition - there could be a number of reasons a user would use one.


I know healthcare can be a bit of a grey area for remarketing. Is this list most likely to be a policy violation in terms of who I'm trying to target or are there any recommendations out these for people who have faced similar issues? We are already targeting this product with text ads but being able to remarket to users who have previously viewed the product would have been really cool!

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Re: Remarketing list - Disabled due to policy violation

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Hi there;
Limited mobility IS a health condition similar to vision or hearing impairment, hence remarketing is not allowed.
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Remarketing list - Disabled due to policy violation

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Hi Liam,

Even if the remarketing list is created without any sensitive information, some types of ad content are still prohibited:

In creating ads for remarketing campaigns in this category, the ad content should not imply knowledge of a person's medical history or health conditions. For example, if a pharmaceutical manufacturer wanted to market a prescription drug to people who had visited their informational site or app, this wouldn't be permitted. All of the ads below wouldn't be allowed to run in a remarketing campaign.

I will recommend to go through the policy detail for Remarketing:-

Restrictions that apply to sensitive categories in interest-based advertising
Go to Pharmaceuticals or health information
What happens if I violate this policy?

I hope this will help you.