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Remarketing - including certain audiences and excluding others

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I'm about to launch a retargeting campaign. We want the campaign to exclude retargeting all internal staff, except for a couple staff members. Is there a way to do this and if so, what's the best way to do so?


Right now, I have it set up to target anyone who has visited our website. I have an CSV file containing all internal staff email addresses (except for the staff that we want to see these ads) that I uploaded to the Audiences section of Adwords. Once that is finished loading, I was going to attach that list to an "exclude" section of the campaign. I know there's only 600 emails on this list, so I'm not even sure if it's big enough to use with a campaign, even if it's to exclude certain people. Is this correct or is there a more efficient way to achieve what we want?



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Remarketing - including certain audiences and excluding others

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Hope you are doing well.


I would like to share that if your list is already generated in the shared library and that specific list you just want to exclude certain people which it's quite hard.


However, you have an email list of 600 and you want to exclude that is possible apart from that once you collect the data from your website you can use email marketing which is more effective and specific.


For email list to work you require at least 7 thousand email address to make it work.


I hope this helps!




Remarketing - including certain audiences and excluding others

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I'm not sure if this is feasible...

Check this article, and let me ping one of our experts on customer match



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Remarketing - including certain audiences and excluding others

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Hi @Leah K,


Two important things to keep in mind here. 


1. Customer Email Lists cannot be targeted for general/remarketing Display Network Campaigns. It can only be used for Search Network with RLSA, Gmail, and YouTube. So, if they cannot be targeted, they cannot be excluded on general/remarketing Display Network Campaigns. 


2. Not all the emails you upload are matched with actual audiences by Google. The system will only match emails with active Google accounts. 


Go to Shared Library > Audience and look for List Type = Customer List. Do you see any number value for it under Display column? Is the size of emails you submitted equal to the number of IDs you uploaded?


I believe it answers your queries. 


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