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Remarketing in an email

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Hi all,


I'm just wondering has anyone ever put retargeting code into the body of a html email? And what were the results? I'd like to try it out but am a bit worried that it wont work?




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Re: Remarketing in an email

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Hi EmmasPPC, how were you thinking of using it?  It would be relatively simple to create a Remarketing list (via Analytics) from visitors who were the result of clicks on links in an email, but I'm not sure what value there would be in creating a list from people who merely received one.  I'd also be concerned that building a list in such a way might be a breach of privacy.



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Re: Remarketing in an email

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Hi EmmasPPC,

I don't think that will work, at the very best it will spotty. Remarketing code depends on 3rd party cookies, in this case the cookie goes to Google. When a use goes to a site where AdSense is displayed, it sends a cookie to Google with the request for the script that produces the ads.

I am not certain, but I don't think email will set that cookie. It's possible that using a combination of Thunderbird and Firefox, or similar sets of email/browser where the email program uses the same rendering engine as the browser, that a cookie could be set. But if a person uses Outlook for email and Firefox (or Chrome or anything other than IE), the cookie certainly will not be set. That's why I say at best it will be spotty. At the worst it won;'t work at all.

I agree with Jon on this. Even if it does work (mechanically), I wonder about your goals with this.

Best of Luck!

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