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Remarketing campaigns getting no impressions

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Yesterday I added remarketing to most of my campaigns, with 50% increased bids. There's no data to view today (0 impressions, clicks, etc.)

Here's some info:

- I used an existing list called All Users, with 190,000 members. Inspecting the list, it says List Size (YouTube) 190000 and List Size (Display Network) 190000.

- In Shared Library>Audiences, it says "We haven't detected the AdWords tag on your website or in your app" and "Google Analytics tag last active at 7:54 AM". I suspect this is an issue. I didn't add a tag to the website, but I assume one has been used before, seeing how there're many previous remarketing lists to choose from.

What am I missing? Please advice.

Remarketing campaigns getting no impressions

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1- if you that much list size, ads should be shown ( if it show tag is missing or have been removed anyway, you can always add it again)


2. Your google analytic list seems working so you can use it and there is no need to add adwords remarketing tag on site, however you can add that tag also on all pages of your website.


3. You can edit & view each remarketing list to see its details ( which has not been created with analytic)


4- for analytic list, you have to login to analytic account and check your audience list.




Remarketing campaigns getting no impressions

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Hi Tore,


is the list active or closed? i had a similar problem in the past where the list was closed and i thought i could use it to remarket but it didnt work out for me. so make sure the list is closed.

also if that didnt work could you contact adwords support, there is a cog on the top right hand corner of your account, click on it and then to help