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Remarketing Loophole

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  1. Create a Google AdSense account.
  2. Build a few random websites with irrelevant content
  3. Target companies who have Google AdWords Remarketing campaigns
  4. Go to their websites and accept cookies
  5. Cookies display ads on irrelevant websites created in step two
  6. Click on ads
  7. Watch the money roll in to Google AdSense account


Who suffers? AdWords users like me.


For example:


I'm rather tired of adding hundreds of sites to my exclusion list.

How can I prevent my re-marketing campaign from being targeted? 

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September 2015

Re: Remarketing Loophole

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You really can't prevent it, but you can adjust and adapt by creating additional lists with Rules and only target those new lists - instead of all visitors.

Since a remarketing campaign is based on users that came to your site, I would create secondary lists that are made of of additional actions and then only advertise those secondary lists. This can be done by making rules

More Details here:

1- Main Lists - All Visitors
2- Secondary list 1.- Visitor who did action A and Action B
3- Secondary list 2 - visitor that did action C and visited Page B etc

This way you have more control over the defined potential customer rather then the fly by adense seekers.

it all comes down to how you set this up. what rules, pages, and conditions you set up and which lists your populate and advertise towards.

Re: Remarketing Loophole

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Many thanks Eric Smiley Happy