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Remarketing List Perfomance Segmented by Source - Search vs Display

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 Hi everyone,


i've a question about the performances of my remarketing list.


At the moment i'm filling a remarketing list with the people who visits a certain landing page.

It's important to note that this page gets only paid traffic ( from both search and display, where search is about 20% of the traffic and display is 80% of the traffic).


Said that it means that my remarketing list is made by:

  • about 20% of the users coming from previous visits by search
  • about 80% of the users coming from previous visits by display


Now what i would like to do is to segment the perfomances of the remarketing list by the "Source" of the users...


At the moment the only idea i got is to duplicate the landing page, then:

  • send all the traffic from search to the first lp (and create a remarketing list)
  • send all the traffic from the display to the second lp (and create another remarketing list)

Then in the remarketing campaing use these lists and get segmented performances.

I think this would work but i hope there's a easier way to accomplish this goal..


Could someone please point me in the right direction?


Thank you in advance




Re: Remarketing List Perfomance Segmented by Source - Search vs Display

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Hi Alessandro,

I believe you could accomplish this by Remarketing with segments.  Here you would create a segment of visitors based on their incoming traffic source, then you could use those two different segments as Remarketing lists.