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Remarketing For Search - Search Audience CPC

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Hi there,


I've got a question regarding this topic, as I've noticed that CPC's are consistently more expensive for audiences that have visited my site and target seperately.


I have even done a test in which i have:

a) branded search keywords that target everyone within the country that looks for my brand, 

b) next to branded keywords where i would only show an ad to people in my remarketing list for search, and thus visited my site earlier.


In my mind, logically, the option B is most relevant (okay they are both looking for my brand so differences are futile but nonetheless...), thus quality score of at least A, and CPC's that should range similar to each other, if not cheaper.

However, I'm seeing very different things. Option B renders average CPC's that are twice of three times higher than option A, while having similar positioning and QS.


I'm starting to think that when I target a RLSA, and thus only target a part of the audience searching for certain keywords you have higher CPC's by default.

It is still interesting as CPA's are still lower than the CPA's for regular search, but efficiencies would be way higher if CPC's would be lower for my RLSA campaigns.


Any advice? Anyone seeing similar things?

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Re: Remarketing For Search - Search Audience CPC

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Hi @Nico P;

This is an interesting theory, but, - no. (There is no higher CPC by default for  an RLSA campaign.)


Keywords in an  RLSA campaign take part in an auction as keywords of other campaigns (by other advertisers). So, once an ad is triggered  by an "RLSA KW",  - the ad  is ranked based on its ad-rank (in a given auction), and competes with other ads by other advertisers.


The only difference is that  keywords of an RSLA campaign will take part in an auction, when the user is on the RLSA list, and runs a search in which the query is matched to one of the keywords in the RLSA campaign.

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