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Remarketing Campaign

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I want to create a Remarketing Campaign

1.) For Search Network as well as Display Network. How i can target search network with remarketing campaign?

2.) I want to use keywords for my remarketing campaigns - How i can go for it?


One solution i find to my problem is:

We can create a Search and Display Select Campaign which targets both Search and Display network and add keywords and remarketing list to it. How this solution work for me can any one explain?




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September 2015

Re: Remarketing Campaign

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Hey Coupon A,

I would highly suggest creating 2 different camapaigns, one for search remarketing and one for display remarketing.

Learn all about remarketing here:

Learn all about RLSA here:

With regards to keywords for remarketing they will act differently with display and with search.

With the display campaign in will act as secondary targeting method, so your ads will only show to your remarketing list when they visit sites with your specified keyword on.

With search remarketing the user will have to search for your specified keyword as well as be on your remarketing list. RLSA is a bit tricky to grasp and use well so i suggest doing plenty of reading up.

Hope this helps