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ReTargeting not active!

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Hey Guys,


I set up a new retargeting campaign last week with the following settings.


- Set up a new campaign with :

Display Network only - All features.

Networks - Display Network

- Set up 6 diff Ad Groups with creatives int it.

- Added an audience of "All Visitors 0-60 Days" > Basically all those who visited the website in the last 60 days.

- Set up my keyword in KW list - I hope this targets all those who searched and found my site withi this KW is targeted but Im not sure.

- Added the code to site footer within body.

I'm doing this for the first time so not sure if this is the right way.

Audience remarketing list from "Shared Library" shows 22,000 people but the stats are all zero, no impressions, no clicks so far after 4 days.


Could there be something wrong or should I wait?

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Re: ReTargeting not active!

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Hi MK,


It usually takes a little time before yous tart gettting impressons. I don't use keywords in my remarketing campaign. Adding a keyword limits the impressions to pages that have that keyword. It does not target people who found your site using that keyword. You might want to remove keywords from your remarketing campaign to get more impressions.


You could create an audience list that would target people who used a particular keyword to find your site, but it would not be easy and would not be complete. You can create different lists based on landing pages. That could be effective if ad groups have different landing pages.


I don't have much more for you today.


Best of Luck!




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Re: ReTargeting not active!

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Hey MK,


I think you are missing something. For more deatils kindly visit below link it will help you.

Hope above links help you.