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Re: My ads stopped running for no apparent reason

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Google apparently has a problem with their automated system because it would not go back again at another time to recheck to see if if the link worked. Instead, they just shut the whole system down and give you no warnings, no alerts. When I went into my account it was all green and okay. Something is wrong with this picture!
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September 2015

Re: My ads stopped running for no apparent reason

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Make a small change in the ad text. it will resubmit it for a recheck.

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Re: My ads stopped running for no apparent reason

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Hi Medgirl,


A question here:


  1. Are you the owner of the account (i.e. do you use the main account login to access the account), or do you access the account through an MCC

Google definitely sends notifications for ad disapprovals with the exact example of an ad text and the policy that it has been disapproved for.


If you use the MCC account to access it, you may not receive these notifications, in which case you would need to create a gmail account that you can grant access to the account (with persmission from the main client of course) and then ensure that the notification settings are set up to send email alerts to this email address for such instances. You can then simply add a forwarder to your usual work email address so that you get the mails there.


I've found this very helpful while trying to stay on top of disapprovals etc for my accounts.


You can access the notifications section by doing the following:


In the Adwords interface, click on:


  1. My Account
  2. Notification Settings
  3. Now check the Notification Settings for your login and ensure that its set to all for Disapproved Ads or Policies


If you do use the main account logins, the please just check the notification settings. It'd help ensure that you don't miss such things in the future.


For resolution of the said disapproval, Moshe has given you the answer Smiley Happy