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Re: I'm trying to edit my google ad I keep getting This campaign and i

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Hi purefuzz,


I've a troublesome AWX... From my understanding, it's a Google Generated Ad Word Express Jobby Jobby! -Someone in the past (potentionally years) created the ad. -Times change and so does our information we which to display.


I've tried most things especially (as most seem to do) within AdWords under the campaign management area. After reading a few blogs I found AdWords Express! BUT there isn't anything or anywhere useful that corresponds to the AWX, yes there's the ID, but not the contained content of the advertised ad which is what I want to change. :-(

So far I've managed to dissable the campaign within AdWords Express until I can get it how I'd like!


Is there an easy way to find this information to edit or update even if that means creating a new one in it's place??



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Re: I'm trying to edit my google ad I keep getting This campaign and i

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Google "generates" all AdWords Express campaigns but only after they're set up by the user. You do need to log into AdWords Express to edit these accounts. 


You log in here - - select View Performance Report to look at your campaign's recent performance. If you want to change anything, use the "Manage" button there toward the upper right-hand portion of the screen to get to the editable portion of the campaign.

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Re: I'm trying to edit my google ad I keep getting This campaign and i

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Hi Kristopher R,


Just my own personal opinion here, but I've seen way too many posts here asking how to manage an AdWords Express campaign. I'm not knowcking AdWords Express. I'm sure it's useful for someone!


But given the type of problems people run into, if you've managed to turn off the AWX campaign, leave it off and create a duplicate directly in your AdWords account. I think that will save you headaches down the road.


I could be totaly wrong about this, too!


Best of Luck!




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