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Re: 90% drop in display network impressions

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@baba J - posting such messages in other people's discussions is just unpolite, please edit this and delete the content of the advertising message


@ new user :


I have some more theories for you :


1) "The campaign in question is all banner ads (6 sizes) and no text ads" . This tells me that you used the display ad builder which creates Flash Ads. Those are not compatible with all the devices. For example there might be people with IPAD's that do not support Flash.


2) Did you know that from Campaign level, you can add several columns that can provide assistance to evaluate your impressions performance ?


If your are indeed underbudgeted this column will for sure tell you that


Display Lost IS (budget): The percentage of time that your ads weren't shown on the Display Network due to insufficient budget. This data is available at the campaign level only.


For example if your impressions number drops by 90% but your "impressions share" is the same percentage in the 2 days, this means that you are ok, you held the position for impression share, and the fault is the general impressions drop for your particular Display Campaign setup.


3) Did you test you campaign with several "Static or Animated but non-flash" Image ads in the same group with the banners ? The banners can only show up IF the publisher choses a proper space for them. In the adsense account he can chose more than 6 sizes for the banners.


Just look at how many sizes are you missing by not creating static image ads for all sizes :


Image size

  • Mobile leaderboard: 320 x 50
  • Banner: 468 x 60
  • Leaderboard: 728 x 90
  • Square: 250 x 250
  • Small square: 200 x 200
  • Large rectangle: 336 x 280
  • Inline rectangle: 300 x 250
  • Skyscraper: 120 x 600
  • Wide skyscraper: 160 x 600
  • Half-page: 300 x 600
  • Large leaderboard: 970x90


4) Did you look at the Dimensions / Devices segmentation of the users ? Maybe only the mobile impressions have dropped, because a publisher can ban you from their mobile sub-section of the site, especially if you only have large flash ads that don't go well with their design.


For example if I had a newspaper website , my mobile visitors will enter the follwing address


You can look in the google analytics account to see all the clicks and the addresses they were generated from, maybe they were mostly from mobile .


5) Did you try creating banners with "white background" instead of colourful ones, that don't blend well with all backgrounds of websites ? General colour of the banner is also a good reason to remove a publisher from advertising on a high-traffic website.


[Later edit]   Bottom line is "create at least 1 text ad" in your ad group :


Text ads will receive more impressions in Display Campaigns because


1) They cost less than banners ( 3 text ads fit the space of a single banner)


2) They are not restrictive , they run on all devices, on all background, on all advertising boxes regardless of the size, on all backgrounds, etc etc


3) They are easy to fit in the context of a website because of the text, that static banners don't have.







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Re: 90% drop in display network impressions

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I can't tell placement in that report. I see only "Uservertical::" and then a number "xxx", which is the internal code for each interest category, which is how I setup the display campaign. Here are the codes...


Is there anywhere else I can see my ad placement data? 


<edited> I'm reading elsewhere there is no meaningful position measurements for the display network. "below the fold" seems to be the best way at the moment.


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Re: 90% drop in display network impressions

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#1 - I didn't know that, I'll create static image ads as well.


#2 - Impression share is <10% both days. Remember I have no targeting except geography. If I raised my bids to get majority share my bill would be thousands of dollars per hour! Smiley Happy


#3 - see #1


#4 - Devices were around the same percentage of clicks each day.


#5 - I'll stick with my current design for now.


Bottom Line - I agree, I should create text ads to get better penetration and create non-animated image ads to use up all available sizes.


Thank you! You've given me many ideas.


Best to you,





Re: 90% drop in display network impressions

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I am glad to help Smiley Happy If you asked me these questions a few months ago, I had no ideea what the whole Display Campaigns were all about , I just started to use them recently.


I can't wait to see after 1 or 2 weeks what is your progress , if you are tracking sales with the conversion codes, or maybe just an increase in clicks and CTR.

Re: 90% drop in display network impressions

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The client has to measure conversions because I simply deliver clicks to their website and they get phone calls from those that need their services.  If adding text ads and other size static image ads can both decrease CPC and increase CTR I'll be very happy Smiley Happy I'm very anxious to see the results!

Re: 90% drop in display network impressions

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The best way to do it is to create 3 separate AdGroups for the 3 types of media :


1) Text ads

2) Static banners

3) Display Ad builder


Otherwise the Avg. cpc and CTR data will get mixed in an "average" that won't tell you much about media performance.


The other important thing is to make 4 types of campaigns, one for every week of the month , to avoid the 'boredom" factor.

For example you can run one campaign ( with 3 ad groups) on the first week of the month, another campaign with another set of messages in the second week of the month, and so on.


You can have the same placement setup in all ad groups and all campaigns.


Also in order to increase the CTR, use "frequency capping" to serve the same ad at most 3 times a day to the same machine ( internet browser). If you serve the same ad 10-20 times instead of 3, you will get an very small CTR .

Re: 90% drop in display network impressions

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First Brian, don't look at data on a per hour basis. You should look at day by day or even better, week to week. I hope you're not looking at data and coming back one hour later and compare. That tells you nothing. The data is not updated real-time for one thing and even if it were not, the variance is too great.


Second, every advertiser is different on so many metrics that asking if others are seeing the same as you is useless. Basically, you would have to ask someone in the same niche with the exact same setup as you and even then, it wouldn't tell you anything.


My question is, why did you pause it for part of a day?


Reasons you lost impressions are many:


Other advertisers' quality went up (maybe yours went down) and are now outranking you.


Other advertisers increased bids and thus outranking you.


New advertisers with better quality and thus outranking you.


Site(s) on the network making a change or have dropped out. Changes can include change of ad types (text, display sizes), colors, positions and excluding advertisers. Looking at impression data for each site could offer a clue.


For whatever reason, less visitors to the sites you are targeting. Weekends vs weekdays can be dramatic and why you should look at weekly trends.


I've heard it's not a good idea to pause a campaign, even for a short while. The author believed that pausing and restarting somehow "reset" your campaign. Personally, I don't buy it but you never know, maybe a bit of truth in it, at the very least, something else in play that would affect your impressions.


A big clue to me is your impression share. At 10%, it's low which means your budget is low. This gives other advertisers more of a chance to beat you. Maybe you gave them that chance by pausing the campaign.


Look at Relative CTR. That's your display network QS. Is it above one?


Test different ads. Granularize. I once created a display ad to appear only on one site that sold motorcycles. My client sells helmets. The ad went something like "Now that you've found your bike, don't forget about your head".

Re: 90% drop in display network impressions

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don't look at data on a per hour basis.

I'm not... I'm looking at the average imps per hour comparing one day to the next.


asking if others are seeing the same as you is useless

I've uncovered, reported, then helped resolve AdWords bugs in the past by using this exact method. If there's a glitch it's a good troubleshooting tool to see who else is experiencing it. From replies such as yours I can tell it seems to be legit for many possible reasons.


why did you pause it for part of a day

Each of my clients has a daily budget, so campaigns that reach that limit are put on pause until the next day. This is not ideal, partly for the reason you mentioned... keeping a campaign up 24/7 has advantages over starting/stopping. I continue to optimize over time so these pauses are not needed.


at 10%, it's low which means your budget is low

I wouldn't call $500 a day low Smiley Happy... it's all relative. Keep in mind what I said before... these display campaigns have no targeting except geo... the bid alone is determining how often it shows.


look at Relative CTR, is it above one?

It's at 0.4, but I would never want this high for what I'm doing... I advertise for a very specific niche market. Getting many imps without clicks is great branding and exactly what I'm looking for.


Thanks a ton for your ideas!


AdWords is amazing isn't it? There's so many different strategies for every possible need Smiley Happy



Re: 90% drop in display network impressions

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Hello Brian,


I have tested another theory yesterday. Because bidding at a fixed price can get you various ad positions (1,2...9 ) in every website, there is a tool that in the Display Campaigns actually works , the automatic bidding with a low MaxCPC setting.


For example let's say that you have a website that has the most impressions at 2 $ per click.

You can setup a new campagin entitled "Test low bids", copy all the ads from the old campaign, but set a placement just for that website.


Then configure the Campaign Settings for an automatic bid of 1 $ ( at most ) and a campaign budget of 10 or 20 $ just to get a few clicks. If there is any sub-section on that website that allows cheap ads , the automatic bid will provide you with impressions , and if someone clicks you will pay less than you would expect on an average .


You can also try with all the placements an automatic bid like 0.2 $ to see if you get some impressions, but in a separate campaign.



Re: 90% drop in display network impressions

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Also i forgot to tell you to create expandable banners because they grant you with "free clicks" :


Just look how many I got in a few days :





If you include all the necessary info in the expandable ad , you can generate a lead with less clicks .


This can also generate direct traffic since they can see the website address and just type it in another TAB.

Re: 90% drop in display network impressions

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Great idea about trying automatic bidding, I'll try it.