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Rank is not high enough to place AD

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Hi guys,


I keep up with the community for a while now and have never need to post a question until now. I searched the forum for some answers and although there are similar problems, I could not fix mine.


I created a new campaign, ad group, keywords and ads. The problem is that my ads are not showing. The reason on Adwords is "Although your ad is showing, its rank is not high enough to place it on the first page of search results".


I read every article I could found about it, every help from Google and nothing.


The problem is that every thing the article and the help recommends I already done. My adGroup only have 9 specific keywords (not different, just miss typing variations), with different match types and QS 10/10 on every word. I also included negative keywords and I have 5 variations of ads. My CPC is higher than the first page bid and the Ads counts as "Approved". 


The ads contains the keywords that I'm using on adgroup so I really don't know why they are not showing. Can anyone give a hint?


Cheers, Leandro

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

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Re: Rank is not high enough to place AD

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I would guess that keyword bids are the problem. The "first page bid" is really just the minimum needed for an ad matched to that keyword to be eligible for first page SERPs placement sometimes.  In this case, "sometimes" might mean once a month.
In reality, the bid you need to effectively compete for first page placement for your ad(s) often enough to provide you with the results you want--this could be a much higher bid.
Go into your account, select the Tools & Analysis menu, then select the Traffic Estimator tool. You can enter your keywords there and see what kind of traffic actually exists for them. As a next step, you can enter sample bids (and daily budget caps) to see how much traffic you might earn with different bid levels.
This should give you a much better idea of what a competitive bid is in your market.

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Re: Rank is not high enough to place AD

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Sorry but II have the same problem and what you told is wrong , this not works

I have exactly the same problem and worse one

I can put WHATEVER BID even 30 USD this change nothing , always the same blabla
Although your ad is showing, its rank is not high enough to place it on the first page of search results. What can I do?

What is "funny" is that I have other very similar keywords and it works , they say nothing , showing the ads, so I don't understand NOTHING

also I got this message for other one

our keyword isn't triggering ads to appear on Google right now due to a low Ad Rank. Ads are ranked based on your bid and Quality Score. What can I do?

complete stupid cause there is 0 impressions since the beginning (3days) , QS is 6/10, no CTR nothing so how google can know the ad rank is low ? (other keywords I got 25 % CTR cause I am in a very specific niche so all of this is complete nuts)

Re: Rank is not high enough to place AD

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