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RLSA and Conversion Optimizer

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Hi everyone,


Did anybody try to set "Bid Adjustments" for remarketing lists in "Audience" tab for search campaigns using Conversion Optimizer?

"Bid.Adj." column seems to be non-editable (while it IS editable for search campaigns with manual CPC bidding).

At the same time, if you select a remarketing list -> Edit -> Change bid adjustment...  -  you are still able to adjust a bid for Conversion Optimizer campaigns.


1. So will Bid Adjustment be applied if you make it that way for Conversion Optimizer campaigns?

2. Does Optimizer already considers users who have already been to the site? (but even if so, Optimizer doesn't know which exact category of users you do want to remarket, so it would preferable to be able to use Optimizer AND RLSA at the same time)



Re: RLSA and Conversion Optimizer

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi there,

Few things:
It’s not possible to use Conversion Optimizer as your campaign’s bidding option if you’ve set bid adjustments other than a decrease of 100% for mobile devices. That’s because Conversion Optimizer automatically accounts for differences in conversion rates across devices, days, times, and locations. Bid adjustments are already built into the technology that Conversion Optimizer uses, so it’s not necessary to set separate adjustments.

In terms of using Conversion Optimizer concurrently with RLSA, it can be done. Honestly, I haven't seen any accounts yet that have done it, so I can't vouch for the results, but functionally, they can run together.

Let me know if you have any other questions!