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Questions about remarketing

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Guys, my adwords account is running fine and there is conversions coming..I am just curious why my remarketing shared library always says they can't discover the Adwords tag on my profile. (And they said they detached it yesterday!)  And there has been whole week but there's still no data of my remarketing list (that generated by Google Analytics). May I know what the issue is?Remarketing list.png

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Questions about remarketing

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There are two ways to build remarketing audiences... you can put the AdWords remakreitng pixel on your website or you can activate remarketing in Analytics and then import these back into AdWords.


You do not appear to have an AdWords remarketing list configured - so that's not an option at this point - and to be honest - you probably don't need it.


But you do need to go into your GA account and set up your remarketing audiences.


Go into your GA account and into the admin area - find the remarketing audiences section and add an audience - I generally make my first audience one of "all visitors" and I set the duration to the maximum 540 days rather than the default 30 - in this way I have as much data as is available and I can then slice and dice it as I wish.


Check that this audience is then showing up in Adwords... if it is, then in a couple of days you will start to see the audience populate in Adwords....


The audiences you currently see in your Adwords account are some that Google adds by default - but unless you have the custom parameters active in your GA account they will not populate.