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Questions about Automatic placments

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# 1
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I would like to better understand the automatic placements behavior I am seeing .
1st question - I am looking at a customer's account . Please see Figure 1 below. (It is a google translate as data is in Spanish).
This is an admob (app install ) campaign and we can see that the client set "All apps" as a managed placement.
But then I see examples of Automatic placements that look like site urls and not app ids. How come ? Admob campaigns are supposed to show only inside apps. aren't they ?
2nd question - 
Why do the automatic placements have a  X icon next to them ?
I noticed this kind of X in grids like Gender - when I set it to Target&Bid and set one of the Gender types to manage ,the other ones became Removed with the X sign (Figure 2 below).
In this (Figure 1) placements example, Target&Bid is set but the placements are set as automatic and have an X sign (like remove)
What does it mean ?
3rd question- I noticed that when I create a new app install campaign and set some targeting to it (let's say audiences) , the system automatically ads "All Apps" as managed placement in the Placement tab. 
In Gender and Age tabs I notice all of them are also added by the system but set as "automatic", that makes sense, but how come a managed assignment is added by the system and not by the user (isn't the entire idea behind managed vs automatic is whether it is set by the user or not ) ?
Thanks in advance
Figure 1
Inline image 4
Figure 2
Inline image 2

Best regards,
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Re: Questions about Automatic placments

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Hey Ilana, how are things? (cool name Smiley Very Happy)


The pictures are not working here, at least for me, so I'll try my best to answer your questions.


1st question: I'm not certain about it, but the URL may refer to Web Apps that are hosted on the web, and the app simply access the content online, different from a native app that run everything on the device


2nd question: You can exclude placements that are not relevant for your business/campaigns the same way you can use negative keywords on search campaigns. More information about this here:


3rd question: Even if the system adds "all apps" or "automatic gender and age, you should be able to change this on campaign settings I think. App install are precisely for more advertiser control. Maybe the automatic options are there because you didn't create any custom info? Think this article may help:


Well, hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Questions about Automatic placments

Community Manager
# 3
Community Manager

Hi Ilana,


Thanks for posting to the Community! Your screenshots did not come through, so I cannot address those directly, but as for the Xs you see: A red X to the left of a placement or targeting method means that the targeting is "removed." The automatic placement was likely shut off previously, as in checked off and changed to Edit > Remove. You should be able to change any of these to "enabled" by clicking on that X in any of the targeting rows. Try changing your view to "All enabled placements" when you are in the Placements tab, for example, to view only the placements that are currently active.


As far as your other questions go, I'm not quite sure what you're describing without seeing the images. Please try uploading your screenshots to an external site and sharing the link here, and I'll be able to help further (make sure to hide any account numbers or email addresses).