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Question about You Tube Placements

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Hi All,


I have a campaign of managed placements that includes you tube placements.

I'm trying to determine not only where my ad showed, but where ads on you tube show in general.

Example: I've targeted you tube "Gifts" with an Image ad.  If I go into you tube and type gifts, there's only ONE ad that appears to the right.  Is this where my image ad would show??

Also, is there a way to tell which video(s) were played when my ad showed? Or is it completely random within the "Gifts" category since that's what I targed with my placement ads.

Thanks In Advance


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Re: Question about You Tube Placements

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HI RPquest,


I'm not sure if it's in the AdWords or Analytics interface. One or the other, click on the domain name and the next screen will tell you the specific pages where you ad appeared.


It's more or less at random, but operates on QS and ad rank just as search does. It is difficult to find your ad on the DN and Google can't diagnose it very well.


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Question about You Tube Placements

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Hi Pete,


Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the exact page placement for my managed placement on you tube.

I've targeted You Tube Homemaking & Interior Decor, but it never does show the explicit page.

I guess it might just be that it shows up in the single image area(?)

Either way, lots of clicks.....time to pause.