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Quality Score is 6, KeyWord relevance "No Problems"....Ads not running

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My site is


The key words in question are "buy corn meal" and [buy corn meal]    (though there are others I have the same issue with).


The ad says, "

Landing page is stone ground corn meal.


Can anyone explain this to me?  I'm starting to think I'm just chasing my tail.

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Re: Quality Score is 6, KeyWord relevance "No Problems"....Ads not running

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Hello Ohiorick,


I'll suggest you to check your ads status at Ad preview and diagnosis tool, if you haven't checked. There can be few reason behind this:

  • Your ads are under review or are in pending status
  • You are keywords bid are below first page estimate
  • You have spend daily budget or more than 70% of your daily budget. In this case google will show your ads less often for your search query
  • You set campaign in display network or location tagret of campaign is different country or region or set for mobile device etc.
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Re: Quality Score is 6, KeyWord relevance "No Problems"....Ads not running

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Good morning, ohiorick.


Keyword quality score is a tricky one. Quality score is based on a lot of factors, including historical performance for the keyword across all advertisers who have used it in a campaign along with performance in your specific account.


Rather than retype all that Smiley Happy let me direct you to a wiki article I wrote, discussing quality scores.


What To Do With Keyword Quality Scores


To summarize, if your quality scores aren't as good as you'd like, then you need to start improving performance. Make sure your campaign negative keyword list is robust, that you're blocking all the unwanted searches you can identify. Test different ad copy to improve CTR (click-through rate) on both the keyword and the associated ads, etc.


If you have more questions, please post again!


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Re: Quality Score is 6, KeyWord relevance "No Problems"....Ads not running

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Hi Ohiorick,


Fact is, your ad is running. The quality score is a bit low because Google search considers "corn meal" to be a mispelling of "cornmeal".


I searched for "buy corn meal". Your ad did not show for that term, although two others did. Google search said "Do you mean cornmeal?" So I searched for "buy cornmeal" and your ad came up in the 4th position on the side. I can't reproduce these results now. I think Google "remembered" when I said "corn meal" meant "cornmeal".


This is the most likely reason for the somewhat low QS--7/10 and higher is considered good, so 6/10 isn't real bad. Remember, QS also takes into account previous performance of the keyword across all accounts. That part of the QS calculation is not revealed. If you want a higher position on the page, you'll probably have to bid more. Never bid more than you are willing to pay or can afford per click.


Best of Luck!




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