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QA'ing Ad Customizer Pause Functionality

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Hello - Just had a quick question on ad customizers and how to ensure ads are pausing as intended (when leveraging the specified end date within one of the countdown ad parameters)


Currently, I have an ad that contains a countdown param with the specified end date. That date has passed and it appears the ad is still active in the AdWords UI. I realize when I click into the ad itself, that it shows me default variations of what that countdown message would look like (in days, hours and minutes), but not what the actual countdown param would look like in real time. 


I was wondering if the status appears the same way the ad preview does (not truly showing the current status of the ad) or if there is some disconnect in the way I had set up the feed.


Just for reference, this is currently the second line of the creative in question:



and also the date as entered into the feed for the "CountDownSupplier_Sale_ends" param above

2015/04/24 16:30:59


Live AdAny help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance,




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September 2015

Re: QA'ing Ad Customizer Pause Functionality

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Hi Kevin, 


First, rest assured that countdown customizers will automatically stop after the specified end date. The ad preview tool will not show your customized ad, it's just a preview of your ad, so not to worry.


Can you share how the live ads looks, again?


Also, you said the ad is still active in the UI. Are you saying you looked in your account and you see that the ad with the customizer is still showing an 'active' status? Are you seeing an impressions or clicks against it?


Share these details and let's figure out what's going on.