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Products not showing up in Google AdWords despite being linked to Google Merchant Center

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Hello, I have a product feed from BigCommerce displaying in Google Merchant Center and I have Google Merchant Center linked to the Google AdWords account but do not see the products in Google AdWords. Why?




Following the instructions here:


1. Identified business type as 'retail'

2. Linked accounts with Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords

(Quote from page: In AdWords, you can manage your linked Merchant Center accounts using the table on the "Linked accounts" page.)(I cannot find this on Google AdWords MCC)

3. Created new campaign per instructions.

4. Create a feed

(Quote from page: Click + Data, select "Dynamic display ad feed," and then select your business type. If you've already created a dynamic remarketing campaign, select the feed that AdWords automatically created for you during campaign set-up, upload your file, and skip the remaining steps.)(The feed is coming from Google Merchant Center not from the campaign set up process.)

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Products not showing up in Google AdWords despite being linked to Google Merchant Center

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(a) linking:

linking must done both in the merchant-center-account and under an individual
ad-account under the mcc; linking must be confirmed and green-check-marks
must be within, both, the merchant-center-account and the ad-account:


generally, after proper linking -- the green-check-marks

are seen within both accounts -- be certain to resubmit

the product-data (feed).


also, be certain there is only one feed registered in the merchant-center --

the one feed is used for both shopping-ads and retail dynamic-display-ads.

(b) destinations and target-counties:

there are two separate and distinct destinations;
(1) shopping-ads and (2) dynamic-remarketing --
each destination has slightly different rules,
requirements, specifications, and policies.

an item that may have an active/searable status for one
may also have a disapproved/invalid status for the other --
for example, some types of items are simply not allowed

to be used for any dynamic-remarking.

for dynamic-remarketing, be certain to review the status details,
within the merchant-center-account, under the products-list-tab,
by clicking on an item's title:

also, the target-country of the submitted data must match
the target-country of the campaign set in the ad-account.

only items with the proper destination, status, and target
country, are eligible to be used for dynamic-remarketing.

generally, the merchant-center used for retail-dynamic-remarketing is a
convenience feature for merchants who are already submitting physical
product (feed) inventory data for active shopping-ads.

(c) review:

google's automated processing may take three or so business-days
to review all items for use in dynamic-remarketing; google may also
review the landing-page details, website, and business details for any

policy issues related to display-ads and dynamic-remarketing-for-retail.

(d) attributes:

depending on the details, there may be specific display-ad-attributes,
that may need to be added to the existing products-data-feed, for use
in dynamic-remarketing-for-retail -- if so, some third-party product
data (feed) implementations, may not support such attributes.

in this case, be certain to check with big-commerce support directly.

otherwise, this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum; forum-members cannot

look into any accounts or submitted data -- the best likely course would

be to contact a support-specialist at google.


Products not showing up in Google AdWords despite being linked to Google Merchant Center

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I did link the MCC and Google Merchant Center using the ID on the account level and see the green checkmark at Google Merchant Center but where do I go to see if there is a green checkmark at the MCC?


Yes, I do only have one feed registered here.


I changed the target country to be the same in MCC and Google Merchant Center.


How do I contact a support-specialist at google?







Products not showing up in Google AdWords despite being linked to Google Merchant Center

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(1) for the ad-account, click on an indivdual account under the mcc --
then, click on the gear-icon in the upper-right-hand-corner, select:
linked-accounts, google-merchant-center/view-details; be certain that
the merchant (center) id, business/brand name, and claimed site url,

are all proper, valid, and listed, aside the green-check-mark.

if there is no green-check-mark, then view and verify
the request details and approve the linking offer --
then, resubmit the products (feed) data.


if there is no linking-offer under the ad-account, then

there was likely some issue with the linking request,

that was initiated within the merchant-center-account.

(2) if the target-country is changed, be certain both the
merchant-center (feed data) and the campaign-setting's

countries match; then resubmit the products (feed) data.

note that dynamic-remarketing-for-retail does not support all target-countries.

(3) a support-specialist may be contacted, when logged-in, by using
the gear-icon within the ad-account or by using the following link:
asking for a merchant-center/dynamic-remarketing

for-retail support-specialist may sometimes help.

Products not showing up in Google AdWords despite being linked to Google Merchant Center

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Thank you, I checked the settings and I have a green check there as well. I will contact the support next.