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Product filter - Dynamic remarketing campaign

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I am trying to use the product filter, based on a certain tag, to select the products I want to include in dynamic ads, but I am not sure how should I configure it.


The situation is as follows:

- I have multiple product feeds for different countries in my merchant center account.

- Now I want to create dynamic ads for remarketing in a specific country e.g. Spain. However, the ads that are created are taking information from feeds targeted for other countries. Its like the feeds are getting mixed up.

- I called Google support and they told me to include and extra attribute in my feeds with the country name (e.g. custom_label_1=Spain) so I can select in the remarketing campaign settings--> Dynamic Ad Settings-->Product filter-->Create custom filter-->By labels

- The issue is that I get an empty field next to labels and I am not sure what should I write there? e.g. custom_label_1=Spain? or only Spain? I am attaching a snapshot of the form so you can understand better what I mean.




Any ideas or suggestions?


Thanks a lot in advance!



Re: Product filter - Dynamic remarketing campaign

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Hey Cristina,


I think the label atrribute you are looking for, to filter products in dynamic remarketing campaign is adwords_labels and not custom_label.


You will define this attribute in your feed maybe like this:



and when creating custom filter in your dynamic remarketing campaign, then you will choose labels and just enter here the value of this attribute, so just spain.