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Product filter - Dynamic remarketing campaign

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I am trying to use the product filter, based on a certain tag, to select the products I want to include in dynamic ads, but I am not sure how should I configure it.


The situation is as follows:

- I have multiple product feeds for different countries in my merchant center account.

- Now I want to create dynamic ads for remarketing in a specific country e.g. Spain. However, the ads that are created are taking information from feeds targeted for other countries. Its like the feeds are getting mixed up.

- I called Google support and they told me to include and extra attribute in my feeds with the country name (e.g. custom_label_1=Spain) so I can select in the remarketing campaign settings--> Dynamic Ad Settings-->Product filter-->Create custom filter-->By labels

- The issue is that I get an empty field next to labels and I am not sure what should I write there? e.g. custom_label_1=Spain? or only Spain? I am attaching a snapshot of the form so you can understand better what I mean.




Any ideas or suggestions?


Thanks a lot in advance!



Re: Product filter - Dynamic remarketing campaign

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Hey Cristina,


I think the label atrribute you are looking for, to filter products in dynamic remarketing campaign is adwords_labels and not custom_label.


You will define this attribute in your feed maybe like this:



and when creating custom filter in your dynamic remarketing campaign, then you will choose labels and just enter here the value of this attribute, so just spain.







Product filter - Dynamic remarketing campaign

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I am trying to use the product filter, based on a certain tag with dynamic value, to select the products I want to show the products with specific tags in dynamic ads, but I am not able to configure it. 

I have one product feeds for India country in my merchant center account and added multiple attributes with dynamic value. and we want to show the specific attributes products to customer. Please help & share the suggestion



Smriti Kumari