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Product Listing - Different Campaign Per Product?

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I just got hired by a vitaman comapany that I had been interning for in marketing. I'm basically running our Adwords campaign now. I'm eager to learn more and optimize our campaigns.


Right now we are making a product listing ad per vitamin/supplement we sell. We were narrowing it down to a particular category until I brought to the attention of my supervisor that Adwords couldn't possibly know which particular product in that category is selling.


So for now we just put every product listing to =all products but what I'm noticing is once the budget for 1 product listing maxes out, some of the others say "limited by budget" without being shown at all.


Any suggestions guys?

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Re: Product Listing - Different Campaign Per Product?

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Christopher, 


Thanks for posting!


If you're trying to promote the products in your Merchant Centre that are selling the best you could try using AdWords Labels to distinguish your best sellers from your other products. If you create and apply a 'Best Sellers' label to certain products in your data feed you will be able to target these products alone in your AdWords account and modify your bid to better suit your ROI. 

This link here might help you with this. 


Hope this helps a little!



Re: Product Listing - Different Campaign Per Product?

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Hi Christopher G,


I am confused by your post. First you say your are "making a product listing ad per vitamin/supplement we sell." Do you mean you are including all your products in your Merchant Center feed?


Next you say, "we just put every product listing to =all products". Do you have several AdGroups in a single campaign, each ad group with a product listing set to all? That sounds like what you are doing and it doesn't seem like a good idea. I think what will happen is the first AdGroup created will get all the impressions, but I am not sure about that.


As Alys suggested, use the adwords_label or adwords_group, or category to filter your product list and control which of your products to show for each ad group. If you want to set separate budgets for the adGroups, separate out into their own campaigns and set the budget at that level.


Best of Luck!




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