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Product Listing Ads in Multiple countries

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We have Merchant Center feed for GB, US, AU and were wondering whether product listing adwords grouping of "2_cents" is smart enough to pick products from the correct feed.  Example:


US feed has a product xyz with adword grouping of 2_cents

UK and AU feeds also have xyz (with appropriate price and url changes) but still with adwords grouping of 2_cents.


If we've set the product listing ad havign grouping of "2_cents" be shown in US;AU;GB, then will Adwords correctly pick the product from the feed for the correct region?  Australia should only see products with grouping 2_cents from the AU feed and not from US or GB.  Same for US and GB?




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Re: Product Listing Ads in Multiple countries

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I assume you're running the following setup:


one campaign targeting all three countries

one Merchant Center account with three fees present, each targeting one country + English as a language


Assuming I'm right, the situation is as follows:


  • you can only choose one Merchant Center account to link with AdWords, not a particular feed in that account
  • at the time of a search, the AdWords system detects the language and the location of the searcher and serves ads according to them
  • once the location and language is established, it will only show product listing ads which match your feeds' targeting

A US searcher will not see results from GB or AU and so on. And if you use the same adwords_grouping in all feeds, it will apply it at the level of the feed eligible for showing (the one matching the country and language settings of the searcher).


The only flaw I see in this setup is that you don't seem to be able to bid differently according to country, in case you're running the same campaign for all three. If you run three separate campaigns (which I would do, be it a Product Listing Ads campaign or not), you can also bid differently for your PLAs.


Disclaimer: the above explanation uses my previous experience with product listing ads and logic, not a specific material in the AdWords or Google Merchant support section, so it may be flawed.

Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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