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Problems related to manual locations

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I have an account of a company with 2 campaigns and 30 ad groups , each having 5-6 ad texts, a total of 150-200 ad texts.

Now that the company changed the location, i have inserted in manual locations a new location but i am facing a dilema.


How can i change the location extension associated with all the ads in 1 move, without manually editing every ad ?

I have not found this option in adwords editor or a solution by searching articles online.


This forum is my last hope, before i start sacrificing around 6 hours by doing that manually.

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Re: Problems related to manual locations

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Google Employee

Hi there, 


I think there is an option for managing your location extensions in AdWords Editor, you might want to give these step by steps a go:


To manage your AdWords location extensions in AdWords Editor, start by linking your campaign to a Google Places account. You can then use AdWords Editor to download and manage the business locations associated with that Google Places account.


Follow these steps to sync one or more campaigns with Google Places:


  • On the Campaigns tab, click Location Extensions to open the edit panel below the data view.


    • Select the campaign(s) that you want to link to a Google Places account. If you select more than one campaign, the Google Places information you enter will apply to all selected campaigns.


    • Enter a valid email address in the Google Places email field. As soon as you've entered a valid email address, the default map icon appears. You can change the icon by clicking Edit next to the icon.


  • Post your changesyou must know the password for Google Places account. If you've linked campaigns to more than one Google Places account, you'll be prompted to enter your password for each Google Places account.


    • Wait up to 24 hours for the Google Places sync to finish.


    • Get Recent Changes to download your business addresses.


  • Click the Extensions tab, then select the Business Locations tab to view your location extensions.



Hope this helps!



Re: Problems related to manual locations

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Thank you but as the Title of this question suggests [ I DO NOT USE Google places ] but manual locations.


The editing step that i need is the one when you click an ad and select a "business location" from a small list of 5-6 locations.

The locations are inserted ok in the campaign level.


My problem is about manually clicking every ad from a list of over 200 just to select a location from 6 options and to setup a radius of 10 miles arround that location for every ad.


If adwords created a numbered list of locations from a campaign I could bulk-edit the ads from a list like a CSV and after the options like "description line 2" , "Display URL" and "Destination URL" , google could put a number for the location and a value for the radius arround the location, and the job would be finished in 5 seconds.