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Problem with uploading Excel csv files, in the user Interface & Editor

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I have been failing with this and cant find any solution to this anywhere. Resolving this would be greatly appreciated.


I am using Win 10 and Excel 2016 and the newest Adwords-editor.

Lets say I use the edit function under, say, keywords: first I download two keywords and open them in Excel. I get the Excel sheet down just fine. Edit keywords and choose save as, csv -semicolon separated (or the default suggestion, unicode text file) These may be called something slightly different in english. They are my literal translations from Norwegian.


But I can never successfully upload anything. As mentioned this happens in both Editor and the UI.

This is utterly frustrating as I used to do AdWords stuff three years ago and have never had any issues with this before. I have lots of things I find Excel very usefull for, if not essential. Not to mention time saving.


The standard Google answer that I could use Editor is not very helpful.


Best regards

Re: Problem with uploading Excel csv files, in the user Interface &amp

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Hey Thomas, how are things?


I had the same problem a while ago and hope it's the same for you.


Although you save the file as CSV SEMICOLON separated, Excel will always use the settings that are configured under "REGIONS" on your Windows Controle Panel. This means that if your region settings is using COMMA as default separator and not semicolon, Excel will also use commas. I suggest you go to Control Panel > Regions (maybe Location, I don't know the exact name in English) then hit "Addition Settings" or something like that at the bottom, and you will see something like this:



Hope this helps.


Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click