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Problem with destination URL

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Hello everyone,


We have a problem with the landing pages of a campaign.

Our ads have a specific destination URL, leading to a specific landing page for our SEA efforts. We have done the same for our keywords, with variables at the end of the URL for every keyword and match (e.g. ...100102b for broad match or ...100102p for phrase match).


For an unknown reason, our ads lead to a page that isn't even in our campaign, without our variable URL.


Has anyone experienced the same challenges?


What are the reasons for this problem? And even more important, how can we solve this?








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Re: Problem with destination URL

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Hi Dries A, I'm not sure I've understood your question correctly so I apologise in advance if I have.


Firstly, if you've got Keyword-level destination URLs on all your Keywords then all clicks on your Ads will be going to these Keyword-level destinations, not the Ad URLs as Keywords always "trump" Ads.


When you say the Ads "lead to page that isn't in your campaign" do you mean it's still a page on your website, or it's another website entirely?


Have you tried manually entering your URLs into a web browser to see what happens?



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Re: Problem with destination URL

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Hi Jon,

The problem solved itself, and our Google contact person didn't find any problem or a reason why this problem occured.

We have keyword-level destination URL's, but the clicks led to another page on our website.
When entering the destination URL in different browsers, we come on the right landing page.

Thanks for your help!