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Power Tools for AdWords - Ad Customizer

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Google AdWords has begun rolling out a new power tool for advertisers - Ad Customizer. It looks very exciting. I need some help on setup and implementation of this tool for a client. All the examples in Google Support are focused on ecommerce advertisers, my client has a series of ongoing events that I would like to use this functionality for.


Some specific questions:


1. What attributes are needed for EVENTS?

2. How do you upload this data to AdWords? Can this data be updated at regular intervals without starting all over again?

3. How do I write my ad copy to ensure the attributes are properly inserted into the copy? 

4. Can any of this be managed with AdWords Editor or does this require all facets of this tool to be currently managed in the AdWords UI?


Thank you.

Re: Power Tools for AdWords - Ad Customizer

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Hi Steven,


Good day to you. Ad Customizer is currently possible for specific accounts only. If you need to sign up for this, kindly fill this form here. Before looking deeper into your questions,  few things about Ad Customizer.


Ad Customizer cannot be used currently with AdWords Online User Interface or AdWords Editor. It is possible only through AdWords API test accounts and may be available in the future. You need approval from the AdWords team, before implementing this feature in production.


Answers specific to your list of questions,


1. For events, you can add attributes like Countdown time in your ads dynamically. Remember, display and destination URL cannot be changed using Ad Customizer.

2. You can change your feed anytime if needed and it can be uploaded to AdWords system using Feed Service and currently possible only through AdWords API.

3. For additional reference on setting up this ad, kindly refer here.

4. Ad Customizer is currently available through AdWords API Test accounts.


Hope this solves your questions Smiley Happy



Shafi Ahamed




Re: Power Tools for AdWords - Ad Customizer

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Thank you for your response, but it is incorrect. I have been able to access Ad Customizer since September 28. It is available in AdWords User Interface. I am currently testing it with one account and looking forward to it being rolled out to the rest of my accounts.