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Phone number in ad headline

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Hi there,

I've encountered an issue with my ad displaying the phone number in the ad headline when I've both the call and location extension enabled.
Does anyone have any experiences on it?

I viewed the ad through mobile device and the call button was available but not the get directions link.

e.g of ad
body text
body text

In fact, that's two headlines in this case.
Would appreciate if anyone has answers to it!


Re: Phone number in ad headline

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Hello Amanda Wong ! 


According to the adwords policy google doesn't allow phone numbers in the ad text unless that is the name of the company , please read here :


"Google doesn't allow phone numbers anywhere in ad text or sitelink extensions except for company names that are actual phone numbers (such as "1800-EXAMPLE")."


and here



"Phone numbers and vanity phone numbers can't be used anywhere in ad text or in asitelinks extension, except for company names that are actual phone numbers (such as "1800-EXAMPLE"). "


Did your ad get disaproved because of this ?

Re: Phone number in ad headline

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Hi Adrian,

Thanks for replying to the post.

Yes I do understand the adwords policy does not allow but my ad was not disapproved.
In fact, it was showing on the search results page when being searched through a mobile device.

I had the call extension disabled and it worked fine thereafter.
Hence, I was wondering if it was a conflict/clash between using both the call & location extension at the same time.

Have contacted google on it but would love to hear if anyone else encountered the same situation too.