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Pausing Keywords Across Multiple Campaigns, Accounts & Yes even engines

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My problem is this. Our account had to be broken up into multiple accounts due to the approx 1 million keyword per account limit. So no we have multiple account broken up by global region, then in those account we have multiple campaigns>Adgroups>keywords. The problem that we have speficially is that when we pause a keyword for in one campaign then we have to pause it in every single campaign per country and then also per country /desktop/mobile/tablet so this requires manually going through many campaigns. We've started using double click to help manage our account, but since this is an adwords community I won't even go into the diffuculties in managing these changes in MA from Double click. So my question is if anyone has had similiar problems and if they have devleoped a script to help keep everything synced or even a process for doing it manually that will help ensure accuracy. Thanks

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Re: Pausing Keywords Across Multiple Campaigns, Accounts & Yes even engines

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Hello kenyon; welcome;


Without knowing much about the business, I would comment the following:


Something is probably wrong with the account structure; No advertiser needs that many KWs for an effective campaign.. As you noticed, it is impossible to manage. And I would guess that 20% of the keywords bring most likely more than 80% of clicks and conversions.


Make sure that you comply with the criteria sets for multiple accounts per the double serving Policy; Otherwise, even big accounts can get suspended;..Smiley Surprised


And last : You should use the AdWords API to manage this account;



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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