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Passing custom parameters through single-pixel image remarketing tag

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Hi there,


I have a few questions I would absolutely love some help from the community answering.


This is the scenario and what I’m trying to accomplish:


  • I would like to serve remarketing ads to people who visits certain web pages on a domain of mine
  • For a number of reasons, I am limited to using the single-image pixel remarketing tag only
  • I would like to be able to segment the audience by, on-the-fly, creating numerous image pixels and passing custom parameters through them
  • And, FWIW, the pages where I’m placing the image pixels are redirects, so the visitor doesn’t stay there for very long


This is what I’ve been trying to add to various pages:


img height="1" width="1" style="border-style:none;" alt="" src="//”


I was under the assumption that I would be able to add parameters like “&KEY=VALUE” to the end of that pixel and, then, be able to create remarketing list rules for these parameters, but for some reason it says “We haven’t detected custom parameters” when I visit the Audiences > Remarketing tag section. (It's been a few days since i placed the pixels.)


I tried to pass a (truly) custom parameter and not one of Google’s pre-defined parameters. Is that a problem? I only need to do really basic segmenting rules. For example:


One person visits page A that is about, say, marketing and the image pixel, which has a custom parameter called "marketing," fires. Then I want to be able to show ads to them about... marketing. Simple as that.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is driving me nuts!


All the best,


Re: Passing custom parameters through single-pixel image remarketing t

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Hi Peter,

I might not be understanding your question correctly, but via AdWords you can create different Remarketing Lists for different pages/categories of your site.


Remarketing Lists - Different Categories

Create a Remarketing List

Advanced strategies for tagging and creating remarketing lists (article also has info about custom parameters)



This would allow you to create a Remarketing List for say Page A and a different Remarketing List for Page B.  Then you can choose to target previous visitors of Page A with one Creative message and a different Creative for Page B.  As long as you add those Remarketing Lists to different Ad Groups, this should work.


Hopefully this helps!

Re: Passing custom parameters through single-pixel image remarketing t

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Hey Brian,

Thank you so much for your answer! I appreciate you taking you time. I think the problem I have is that the're no fixed URL since the pages are dynamically generated, so I can't use "URL contains," for example, when creating the remarketing list rules.

I've read and re-read the Advanced strategies for tagging and creating remarketing lists article you provided. The problem is that #4 in the instructions bleow isn't possible, because AdWords don't find any custom parameters.

- - -- - - -- - -- - -
How to build lists for custom parameters

The custom parameters that you send in your tag become available when you create lists in AdWords. Follow these steps to create lists using custom parameters:

1. In the Audiences section of the Shared library, click +New audience.
2. Select Remarketing list.
3. Click +Rule under "People who visited a page with any of the following."
4. Click the URL drop-down menu, and you'll see your custom parameters listed there.
Select your custom parameter from the first menu, and an operator (equals, contains, greater than, etc.) from the second menu.
5. Type in a value for your custom parameter.
- - -- - - -- - -- - -
This leads me to believe that the syntax of the image pixel is what's causing the problem, and I've tried hundreds of different versions and different encodings, but still no custom parameters showing up :-(

Re: Passing custom parameters through single-pixel image remarketing t

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I am running down this same road and the documentation and support for the single pixel tracking version of things leaves much to be desired.

What I found here:

appears to indicate that the parameter "url" will pass through the Page URL and I am currently trying that.

The example above shows an example image tag generated as : d0U8CLiA0wIQ0Lfs9wM&url=http%3A//;parameter2;parameter3

which leads me to believe the "url=" is how this information might get passed.

I am using Google Tag Manager, which means I've got a custom image tag and just append "url={{Page URL}}" to the Image URL attribute of the Custom Image tag type in the "Configure Tag" step.

Let me know if you found a similar (or different) solution for passing URL information along via the <noscript&gt; adwords retargeting pixel for future segmentation.

Passing custom parameters through single-pixel image remarketing tag

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Hi Peter,

What does value=0 mean in the noscript img src attribute?


Where can I find details on the parameters passed ?