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PLAs for 7 Million Parts - Dynamic Pricing & Inventory

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Hi Guys,


Well, you can tell by my subject that this is a large scale project.  I need to create a Google Merchant Center account and upload a feed that may be bigger than 1GB.  We have 7 million parts that we have a feed for.  With so many parts, both inventory and pricing change many times a day. I understand that FTP would be the best option but how frequently can GMC automatically update and process my feed?  


I really want to get our parts on PLAs and wondered if anyone has a solution for something so large scale.


Let me know


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Re: PLAs for 7 Million Parts - Dynamic Pricing & Inventory

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Hi Vikrant, for a start you probably wouldn't use a single feed for 7 million parts.  Presumably these parts are for a large number of different products/brands and I'd split the feeds appropriately.  Feeds can only be uploaded once per day and don't take effect immediately.  I'm not sure what the delay is, or even if it's a precise figure - I think it varies - but it may be a hour or so before a new feed takes effect.


I've noted your other post about the API and if you need a rapid response to changing stock, the API is the way to go, perhaps supported by PLAs for products that never - or only very rarely - change or go out of stock.


I do have to ask if you understand the sort of budget you'd need to support 7 million PLAs.  You can't have 7 million Ads and a budget of, say, $1000 a day.  Most of your Ads would never show because you're trying to support 7 million when you can only afford a few hundred.  It's like trying to run a fleet of 10,000 cars when you're only providing 100 gallons of fuel.  You can run them all for a very short time or you can run just a few for longer, but you can't run them all, all day every day.



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Re: PLAs for 7 Million Parts - Dynamic Pricing & Inventory

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Hello Vikrant P !


There is a forum for merchant users and a similar topic here!searchin/merchant-center/increase$20feed$20limit/merchant-ce...


Have you tried this form :    ?


Also there is a premium solution for google analytics for large traffic accounts


If I may ask, what is your website ? ( you can put a short link using this tool  )