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PLA's product lisings ads awaiting review for over 12 days

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I have been running my merchant center feeds for more than 5 years. I've been running PLA ads in adwords for more than a year. On 9/10/12 mostly all of the 764 ads went into awaiting review status. 

I noticed on 9/11/12 the drop in traffic so I contacted adwords help. The had me adjust the tax settings, I removed one broken link and other than that they didn't see anything wrong.

On 9/13 at 5:42am everything went but to active status. I thought it was fixed. Then on Sunday night I checked status and saw mostly everything had gone back into awaiting review status on 9/14 at 2:42 pm.  

I contacted adwords first thing monday and they said they would look into it. I called them every day and Andy B got back to me on Wednesday and said that that every time I upload a feed and change ANYTHING that the feed will go back into review status and it takes 1-1.5 days to get approved This didn't jibe with written policies stated by Merchant Center.  But I stopped updating feeds anyway.  And not to my surprise, the ads were still awaiting review 3 days later. 

On Friday 9/21 i got another update from Andy B.  This time he said that every time I pause or unpause a campaign it will put the product listings into review mode.  He then told me I should pause my campaigns.


So let's sum up. According to Adwords "technical" support.

1. "It takes 1-1.5 days for product feeds to be reviewed."
If this was true, these products have been in review mode for 4 days the first time and 8 days and counting this time.

2. "Ads go into review mode even if a single product is updated." 
According to Merchant center that is only if a new country is added or a significantly large amount of changes.  My feed had not been changed either time they went into review mode on 9/10 and 9/14. I've been doing product feeds for years and specific products may be reviewed but NEVER have I had a single product change or even several product changes trigger a review. 


3. "Ads go into review mode if a campaign is paused or unpaused."  

Again I have never had this issue in the past. I've added, paused and unpaused ads throughout the past year. It doesn't even make sense why pausing a campaign should trigger a review.  What about ads that are setup to run only during certain times or certain dayparts?  They would never be approved!  This would create a ridiculous and uneccessary level of bureaucracy that would serve no purpose whatsoever.


I have been an Adwords customer and I've been running product feeds for over 5 years. I've been running product listing ads for over a year.  I have NEVER had this much trouble with getting my ads to run. I have always strived to provide relevant and up to date information in my product feeds. I have a very vested interest in getting my products listed since Google's changes since may have cut about 85% of my organic traffic and they're eliminating free shopping ads.  I've set up my ads and campaigns in accordance to Adwords policies. This is a product i'm willing to pay for and I have paid tens of thousands of dollars in the past.  Does anybody have any ideas as to where to go here?  I've contacted Merchant center on Thursday 9/20 via their contact form  I heard back on Friday 9/21. Even though I clearly explained to them all the issues outlined here, the fed me back the same answers I've been hearing through Adwords for nearly two weeks now.


I would really like to wake up one day and not have to spend my first two hours of the day writing letters and trying to figure this out.  Doesn't anybody at Google have any interest in providing a solution to a paying customer?  I assume they generate most of their revenue through the ad dollars we spend.

Re: PLA's product lisings ads awaiting review for over 12 days

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Hi jamavan,


This is a community dedicated to AdWords. If you have any questions related to PLAs reviews, please, post your question on the Merchant Center forum:!forum/merchant-center