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PLA ad rotation

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I have set up my PLA campaign with 'Rotate evenly: Show ads more evenly for at least 90 days, then optimise' and created more than one ad for all my ad groups. 


However for all my ad groups onlt one ad is showing, only this ad has impressions and clicks. 


Can this be changed? 



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Re: PLA ad rotation

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Swantje. 


First, are the other ads eligible to show in general? Use Ad Preview tool to double check. If that doesn't work then check:

1. PLAs and normal text ads do not compete with each other in the auction. Both can show on the same search results page and hence, are not compared for the rotation.
2. Rotation, even though a campaign setting, happens at the ad group level. The system can't rotate the ads from one ad group to show for keywords in another (that would be contrary to the very concept of an AG).
Hence, do compare the % served between ads in the ad group. You won't find much difference there.
3. Be mindful of the date on which this rotation setting was enabled as you should only be comparing results after that date (this is not a default setting and hence - has to have been enabled on a certain date right? Do check your change history and compare results only afterwards).
4. Do consider the date on which the ads were created. If I'm viewing results from October 9 in an ad group, but created a new ad only yesterday, obviously, the % served for that ad would be far lesser despite the setting. Compare the actual rotation for the period after the creation of the latest ad. That should be more or less uniform.
5. The system does not retrospectively compensate for the pausing/unpausing of a particular ad in the ad group in the rotation. At any given point, it'll only rotate the active ads at that point in time, as per your specification.

We hope this helps. Since we can't look at your account directly over here, we can't comment on the specifics. Do contact support if you'd like that to be looked at separately.