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Optimal Display Ad Sizes For Agency?

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I work for an agency and typically we create display advertisements for our clients in the following sizes.








I searched to see if there is best practice list to be used as a starting point (I realize you should always test yourself) but I did not find anything particularly conclusive. Was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations?


Typically it's fairly easy for us to create more ads in various sizes once the overall theme is planned.


Would anyone recommend a core group of sizes, and then an expanded group?


Input is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Re: Optimal Display Ad Sizes For Agency?

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The first thing you should take into consideration when creating an image ads is the placements. As you know image ads only run on select Display Network sites, and the format of your ad must match the size and format accepted by each website. For example, if you've uploaded a 160x600 wide skyscraper ad, make sure the site you're looking for your ad on accepts ads in that format. You can use Display Planner to see which ad formats are accepted by specific sites.

If you're only running one size of ad, the number of sites and pages that will run your ad may be very limited. You may want to create your image ad in every format that we allow to increase your chance of showing.

So, the performance of each ad size varies from placement to placement, and there's probably no particular size is always working best. As you said you should always test yourself.

Re: Optimal Display Ad Sizes For Agency?

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I use as a core set of sizes the biggest sizes. The ones you have mentioned are indeed common to most sites.


See here the new big sizes available in AdWords :


  • 300 x 600
  • 750x300
  • 1024 x 90
  • and for mobiles
  • 300 x 75

Re: Optimal Display Ad Sizes For Agency?

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Remember, too, that unlike search ads with image ads, you wither get the space or you don't. with search ads there are 10 results per page - with an image ad space there is one.

Thus the more popular the site, and the more popular the ad size, so the more competition there is going to be.

Be careful when optimising - you may be getting cheaper clicks from one set of ads, but another may perform much better in terms of ROI - despite the clicks costing much more.

I managed a campaign some years ago for a commercial pilot's course. There were only a handful of site that could generate a decent ROI - and these performed very well despite the fact that we had to pay much more for the clicks.

Try to focus on the end results - not the initial costs. As with many things, you do tend to get what you pay for in Adwords, just like in most things!

Re: Optimal Display Ad Sizes For Agency?

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I agree with  Steve ( @stickleback ) - It's not much added cost to replicate the  banners of  all sizes available, and include images of all sizes within the ad-group. (Plus additional text ad.)

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